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The biggest floral carpet 2008

Largest Onam Pookalam 2010

ONAM - Largest floral carpet (Onam Pookalam ) 2010
The size of the previous largest floral carpet ( Onam pookalam 2009) was 12,000 sq.foot and that was created by 140 police men by 3.5 hours at Rajeev Gandhi Indoor Stadium , Kochi.

1. At the Lulu Convention Centre, Thrissur.

In 2010 , August 17th the record-breaking 14,400 square foot Pookalam was created in three hours using 12.5 tones of flowers at the Lulu Convention Centre, Thrissur.

This Onam pookkalam (biggest floral carpet) was created by 150 children who were supported by New Delhi-based NGO Goonj and 40 employees of white goods maker Whirlpool.

The Pookalam was created in the presence of the officials invited from the Limca Book of Records and they looked on as the children created the marvel.

The creation of the floral carpet is a part of Whirlpool's multi-pronged programme to celebrate Onam with the under privileged enabling consumers to donate and extend ‘happiness beyond homes.'

Whirlpool had announced the launch of its social initiative where it joined hands with Goonj, working with under privileged children across the country.

But this record last only for 4 days and it was broken on 21st August 2010 by ‘Sneha Pookalam’ at Kozhikode

2.‘Sneha Pookalam’ at Kozhikode 2010

District administration of Kozhikode has made arrangements to make the largest floral carpet known as Sneha Pookalam (floral carpet), of 17,622 square feet and set a world record. The idea mooted by the district administration is to foster love and communal harmony among the people as part of Onam celebrations.

About 1,500 people took two hours to create the carpet that covered over 17,622 sq ft area and used 14,500 kg of flowers. (The previous record was of a 14,400 square foot flower carpet which had been completed in three hours.) Floral carpet designed by eminent artist C K Suresh. Flowers in seven colours was used symbolically in the floral carpet, the seven colours represent the seven continents in the world. The carpet was completed under the guidance of six eminent art directors and under the supervision of 200 experts. The floral carpet, was opened for public on2010 August 22 and 23.

The Kerala Soaps was the main sponsors of this event. Apart from the Kozhikode Corporation, the residents’ associations, various merchant associations and other organizations, eminent personalities from the various fields took part in the mega-event.
Sneha Pookalam’
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